Friday, November 5, 2010

late night chats

So a mixture of half a gallon of rasberry ice tea, aching head, and soar throat is preventing me from some much needed rest. I hit up the sleepy time tea, but while I'm waiting for it to kick in, I think I'll write :)

Early this week while daydreaming in Finance, and idea, or analogy if you will, popped into my head. This may of been more solid when it first came to me, or when I wasn't sleep deprived and sicky :( So forgive me if it doesn't live up to the vision in my mind. Also, please refrain your dirty minds from "balls" jokes ;)

I was thinking about my life, the struggles and successes I've had, and why I am where I am. Suddenly I envisioned us all as jugglers. Yes, I know, weird, but think about it. We all start out at some point, probably just juggling one ball, getting the feel for it. Some people may get ahead of themselves, start out with 2 or 3 way before they are ready and end up failing miserably. As we grow, and gain skill, some of us choose to take it easy, keep juggling just one ball. Its not challenging, and there's minimal reward or satisfaction. You'll never draw a big audience; you'll never grow, but it is the easiest choice. Some jugglers push forward way to fast moving into knives and flaming things because they want a shortcut to the top, but their mistakes are either fatal or irreconcilable. Then there is everyone else, somewhere in between; pushing ourselves sometimes, hurting ourselves sometimes, but overall staying in the game. Some of us juggle to challenge ourselves and gain pride, other's to gain the attention and respect of others.

As for myself, I am a little more towards the reckless end, but not to0 reckless. I like to juggle the most dangerous number of items as I am capable. Although this has resulted in some severe injuries and some significant setbacks, overall my strategy has seemed to work. Over time I have developed strength and recover from injuries much more rapidly. I've learned from my mistakes, and I proceed with more caution after each failure. My only concern is; when am I going to drop the ball next?

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