Saturday, April 14, 2012

I like to Move It Move It.

Anyone remember where the line is from? For those of you who don't facebook stalk me, I am here to inform you that I moved to an awesome new place, right on Lake Washington. Living the high life, awww yeah. This makes my number of moves in the past 5 years approximately 12. TWELVE. Do you people realize how much freaking moving that is. Here are things I've learned along the way.

Rules to moving:

1.) Get some plastic storage tubs -my mom strongly encouraged me to get these when I first moved to college. Best investment ever! They are great for storing stuff and keeping water out, and they can be used for storage as well as moving

2.) Set up your internet ahead of time

3.) Get as many helpers as you can, and offer some kind of compensation ex) pizza and beer

4.) Move it and lose it. Moving presents a great opportunity to downsize, you should have at LEAST one bag of things to bring to good will

5.) Don't move your furniture unless you absolutely love it

6.) If you have a lot of big, heavy items you should probably just fork over the money for a moving van. You WILL regret it otherwise.

7.) Make sure you do your walkthrough BEFORE you move into a new place

8.) Get some frozen foods for those first few days when you don't have enough energy to cook

9.) Hang your pictures up and organize your living room ASAP! It will make your new place actually feel like home

10.) Get off to a good start with your roomie!

None of these are real profound, but I really needed a break from filing out my application. As far as an update on my life, I have been REALLY REALLY ridiculously busy this past month or so. My social life has taken a hit. For all of my lovely friends out there, please bare with me, I promise I am not disregarding you, I just don't have much spare time. My priority right now is getting my PMP certification by the end of May, so no promises on my social life improving till after whatever date I set. Can't wait to party it up in summer!