Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yay College!

So I am sitting here in one of my favorite study places; the quiet lounge in the cub. I need to be studying and preparing for a study group I have in approx 25 minutes, but my focus is shot. This has been a crazy week, and my brain can only take so much studying/craziness. So instead of working on some fun fun Finance 325 problems, I'm gonna write!

Ever since graduating high school, it has been hard for me to grasp how incredibly fast life changes. It seems as if in college one week your life seems set: the friends you hang out with, the people you're dating, they way classes are going, you're plans for the future. Then Kablamo! some event takes place and your world is flipped. New plans, new friends; completely different circumstances.

At first, this new way of life was really hard for me to adjust to. Western was kind of a disaster, well at least the first quarter. I learned how to roll with the punches though, and every time my world got flipped I recovered a little faster.

So, here I am again, in a similar position. Recent events have substantially changed my daily life. My plan was to graduate this year because Ernst and Young said I had to if I wanted to work for them. I was cool with that because I wasn't that happy at school, but by then end of Spring semester I was definitely feeling the Pullman love. When I decided EY wasn't for me I didn't think about the fact that I could stay longer. It was only during interviews that it occurred to me: "Hey, I could stay longer if I wanted, but I don't know what classes I would take" As a result, I proceeded with interviews

As I was studying away for my insanely ridiculously hard Finance exam, I realized how much I thoroughly enjoy the material I'm learning. How much it fits with my obsession to save money and always get the best deals. My finance teacher (who is awesome, even if his tests are a little excessive) has already tried to convince me to take more classes, but I'm going to China next semester. Getting a financial background would be ideal as I could work in Information Systems for finance departments; not many people have both skills.

As I have already gotten the ball rolling on interviews at a couple awesome places, I'm not sure that staying for a semester/year will be an option. All I know is that I am incredibly tired of getting comfortable in a place and then having to completely uproot again. Probably nothing will come of these ponderings because although finance is awesome, I'm not sure it awesome enough for me to miss out on making $55,000.

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