Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 in a Nutshell :)

So I've been feeling conflicted on whether to do a summary blog of 2010 or to do a "lessons learned in college blog." I am not in a pensive enough mood right now to do the "lessons learned" blog so 2010 summary it is. 2010 was a emotionally charged year full of a lot of personal growth. I feel like I grew into myself and am coming closer to solidifying my values. I'm going to write this blog kind of survey-style, but I'm making the survey questions myself :)

Most Valuable People:
Mom - this year definitely had some downs and I always turn to my mom when I need someone to talk to
Kyle - being 10 miles apart was awesome. It was so nice of him to include me in his friends' group and activities
Isaac - for making me laugh, being a great friend as well as a great boyfriend :) Also for making my 21st birthday so much fun when it had the potential to be lousy.
Ben - it's so nice to have a good solid friend I can be my crazy self around, and for skydiving of course
Katharine and Dave - best roommates ever. Seriously.
Dave - for being that glimpse of happiness I needed during a very unhappy stage of my life
Sergey - for being such a good friend to me even after everything went down
Tom & Jesse - best MIS buddies ever
Kerri & Sam - for accepting me into the p-fam so quickly and bringing some much needed girl time into my life.
Paige - I'm so proud of everything you've done and am thankful we've stayed in contact. It meant a lot to me when you came to visit

There's probably a lot more, so sorry if I left you out. I'm really thankful for everyone in my life :)

New People: Sam, Kerri, North, David D, Mark M, Tyler, Jesse, Hank, Jaimie, Brandi, Matt, Kseniya, Big Dave, Brent

Fourth of July at my cabin with family and friends
-21st birthday
-being Daisy Duke for Halloween :)
-hanging out with the p-fam in Pullman
-Getting interviews at Google
-meeting so many fantastic people at the internship this summer
-weekends at the cabin
-June in Pullman
-New Years :)
-laughing until I couldn't breathe

-multiple internship and job offers
-4.0 GPA spring and summer semester
-forcing myself to be more social and make new friends
- winning the 448 project as well as the Business Case Competition :)

Things to do differently in 2011
-not so many failed relationships!
-open to trying new things
- don't let certain people walk all over me
-don't try to escape from my situation; instead try to fix it.

Lessons Learned
The biggest lesson I learned was to be more open minded about trying new things.

Also, I learned how incredibly important it is to be accepting of others. Just because they have different values and a different focus than me that does not mean they are wrong. In fact, it helps to balance me out to have friends with different ideas than myself

Going after my goals with reckless abandon has never hurt me in the long, even if my goals end up changing.

I am a major lightweight.

Confidence is magnetic.

My horrendous sense of direction makes navigating to new places in Seattle very difficult.

Favorite New Shows:
Modern Family
Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia


(New) 3Oh!3, Train, Owl City

Taylor Swift, Usher (but just one song)

ummm I can't think of any favorites more just the fact that there are a ton I need to watch in 2011....

I discovered Patricia Briggs who is an excellent author and I loved the series I read by her. Also, I'm reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo right now. Its pretty great.

Failed Goals:
Not reading through the Lord of the Rings series.
Losing contact with some of my friends from back home.
Not finding a church/making an effort to go to church

Favorite Gift

Well thats all I can think of right now. I can't believe how much my life has changed in this past year. Its madness. I know by this time next year I will probably be saying the same thing. Its scary and exciting at the same time. Thanks for reading everyone!

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